Teaching Excellence

Institutions, the ratio of teachers to the number of doctoral students, the highest in the country.

Faculty quality

     NIDA has pride in the selection of personnel to a high standard . Leading to admission personnel quality . Institutions that have faculty qualified doctoral highest in the country is 89 percent (Annual Report , NIDA 2555 ) also accounted tribute to teachers holding academic level is very high hundreds. this figure is 67 percent indicated that teachers not only have a higher education. But also for research after graduation as well. Which strives to maintain this standard to make it even better next time.

Research Excellence

     NIDA is known for its expertise , dedication to the task in technical and advisory services , the Institute focuses on to become the world's leading academic institutions . By policymakers to promote basic research and research to published internationally in both faculty and student groups . The goal of the Institute is an internationally published within five years.

Teaching quality

     Quality of teaching, NIDA is apparent that at the forefront. The Institute seeks to continuously develop further. Institute requires all courses of instruction must be updated regularly, of course. In order to provide timely and responsive to the needs of learners.