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About us

          The Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Section is a newly established work unit which combines public relations and NIDA relations together.  Aside from that, the Section is in charge of corporate network and social responsibility.  To complete all the assignments, the Section is divided into six teams, namely (1) Public Relations, (2) Media Production, (3) Alumni Database, (4) Fund-raising, (5) Social Network and Responsibility, and (6) Administrative and General Affairs.   



          To promote and drive NIDA to become a leading national institute which produces leaders and body of knowledge and makes differences at word-class level. As a world-class university, NIDA will strive for being a world center of excellence in the field of research, educational management and academic service. At that juncture, NIDA will set up an effective communication system with internal work units and external institutes, strengthen harmonious relationship with the general public, as well as substantially increasing its roles in terms of cooperative network and social responsibility.     



          The Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Section is a support work unit. Its responsibility embodies proactive public relations, media production, alumni database, fund-raising, and social network/responsibility. The Section focuses on propagating information via all types of media and technology for public acknowledgement in a consistent and timely manner.   This emphasis is believed to generate public confidence in the Institute’s services in the domain of research, education, and academia, resulting in the good image of the Institute as a whole. 



1.  To publicize and disseminate information as well as creating shared value and good understanding between the Institute and the general public via multiple media channels, thereby promoting a positive image of the Institute.    

2.  To foster strong relationship among NIDA administration, NIDA personnel, alumni, current students, and mass media, thereby contributing to dissemination of information in an expeditious and comprehensive fashion.    

3.  To show responsibility for society and gain sustainable acceptance in society