NIDA USR (University Social Responsibility)

NIDA USR (University Social Responsibility) Project

          To underline its roles and duties in social responsibility, NIDA has always made substantial contribution to social welfare places, foundations, and charity organizations. NIDA’s social activities also play a significant role in connecting current NIDA students, personnel, and faculty together.  Simultaneously, such activities are a way to instill social responsibility in the NIDA personnel and students, uniting them into one. NIDA’s USR activities also allow its members to brainstorm ideas and exchange body of knowledge with legions of instructors and experts from diverse fields both from the locality and foreign countries. These cooperative activities are believed to eventually lead to mutual research and academic collaboration between institutions, government agencies, and private sectors in terms of social responsibility. 


Operational Procedure of the Project  

1)The Cooperative Communication and Social Responsibility Section takes charge of appealing for donation from current students and personnel who join activities at the Institute. It also provides donation boxes in various activities held at the Institute. Activities organized for good relationship and unity include Songkran festival and homecoming, to mention a few. Fund-raising through these donation boxes around NIDA concomitantly advertised its USR throughout the Institute. 

2)The Section shall advertise its USR activities via NIDA Radio, NIDA TV program, NIDA Relations Newsletter, boards around NIDA, among many others.    

3)The Section is also responsible for souvenirs. After propagation, the Section shall sell products or goods produced by social welfare organizations or NIDA personnel/students. This activity will stimulate NIDA people to participate in donation because the income after expense deduction will be donated to a wide range of care places.