1. Relations A good image to the institution , developing network relations , integrated public relations plan . (In conjunction with the Faculty / Department ), disseminate the activities of institutions both inside and outside , Telephone (Mini Call Center), a host , evaluation , publicity , monitoring (Monitoring) as Press Clipping, held a press conference . preparation of news releases, media (Press Release), and the Event . prepare a database of media , party, thank media , exhibitions , etc. .

2. Media Production Via various institutions such as LCD (Digital Signage), LED Billboard, billboard marquee . Website, forum posters in the elevators, etc., through the press . Through online media including: the Social Online (Facebook Twitter Youtube) produced here from Thailand TV Satellite television production online (TV online) producing radio station Nida (Net Radio) Slide the visual design plan. fold journals , newsletters and publications , prepared souvenirs.

3. Alumni database . A database of all alumni , Faculty , Database Alumnus Award established institutions , a database of alumni with potential , a database of alumni who have been promoted to a higher position , meeting. alumni database keeps track of each Board Committee / Office update to be present , sent news. Letter to the Alumni E-mail Group and Facebook (NIDA Alumni).

4. The resource mobilization NIDA Development Fund Fundraising events

5. Network and social CRS institutional plan , build community , organized in collaboration with various organizations . To public And general public

6. Management and Administration Received - sent via E-document, meetings and minutes , draft correspondence , typing documents , making copies , filing , budgeting and approval , procurement , disbursement , reporting . The budget every three months, and parcel registration equipment and control , human resources management and benefits administration .